News Bytes for Year 2004

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(January 2004) Life is good! The second weekend in January was rare, even by Angeleno standards. Shirt-sleeve weather and clear skies were perfect for party time. While Grey Whipple's wife, Lillian, was teaching a weaving workshop in Van Nuys, Bunny (Joan Fieldhouse) and Pete Leon invited Grey and other friends to a lunch cruise aboard their 35' motor yacht Peter Rabbit III. Included in the itinerary was a "drive-by" of the Queen Mary, now a floating museum in Long Beach harbor. A current photo of Bunny is now posted on her Senior Photo page.

(January 2004) Annual Christmas letters from Alma (Bunce) Alber, Gretchen (Gautsch), and Grey Whipple have been posted on their Senior Photo pages.

(January 2004) We have been in touch with classmate Charles Meekins. He is raising cattle in Minnesota. We have his e-mail address if you wish to contact him.

(January 2004) We hear from reliable sources that our "iron man", Ted Treu, had bypass surgery in December. We also hear that he is recovering nicely. Which is not surprising, given his fitness regimen over the years. He is the classmate the guys love to hate at reunions because he always looks so good. Get well, Ted!

(January 2004) We are pleased to announce that classmate Jenny (Flack) Harriman is finally back in the fold. She turned up missing in Maryland when we did our mailing for the reunion party in Year 2000. It turns out that Jenny and husband, Philip, have retired, have moved back to California, and are living in the North Bay. Thanks to classmate Mike Johnson for finding an address and phone number made probable by the Harriman's names appearing on the Friends Of Marin (Arts) Center )FOMC) web page.

(February 2004) SuperBowl Sunday on a soggy afternoon. Your 50th Reunion Ctee met in Burlingame at Barb Hewitt and John Basye's home. Yikes! They should have hired a hall, 15 people were there. Also present were Dee (Williams) Ropers (who now permanently resides in Mexico), Arlene Borelli, Grey Whipple, Lee Melbourne and wife Peggy, Carol Alexander, Elva (Ledwith) Hoogner, Irene Taylor, Carol (Clark) Roberts, Nan (Gruman) Brown, Ted and Pat (Jenkins '56) Treu, and Nancy Jo Fertig '57. Nancy Jo was a guest of Pat Treu, and is the daughter of Robert Fertig, math instructor extraordinaire at BHS.

As usual, there was a tendency to socialize instead of dealing with the planning details. Lee Melbourne regaled the gathering with his 'line dancing' demonstration as we all munched on pizza. Most of the time was spent hashing out details for the first mailing, probably later this month. Grey took photos for the Senior Photo pages on this website. Look later for new images of Carol Clark, Carol Alexander, Dee Williams, and Pat Treu.

(February 2004) The Burlingame Historical Society's next meeting will be Sunday February 29 at McKinley School. There is a nice write up about McKinley School entitled "The 'First Lady" of Our Schools'. With permission, the article has been posted on the Burlingame Elementary Schools page.

(February 2004) In the mid-1950s, those of us classmates who attended the Methodist Youth Fellowship on Sunday evenings, will recall that the minister at Burlingame Methodist Church was Rev. A. Myron Herrell. On January 25, 2004, Myron and wife, Evelyn, attended the Sunday service at the Walnut Creek United Methodist Church where Grey and Lillian Whipple are members. Grey reports that both the Herrells are in good health and are living in Walnut Creek. Last September Myron celebrated 70 years as a pastor. Evelyn explains that he had his first pastorate as an 18-year college sophomore, three years before entering seminary.

(February 2004) We just heard from Carole (Meacher) & Roy Stokes. They have relocated to the Mother Lode country (CA) and have moved into their new place. Our apologies to Carole. Her Senior Photo has been mislabeled from "day one", but the damage has now been repaired. A big thank you to classmate Mike Johnson for doing the fix.

(February 2004) Way to go! We have just heard, via e-mail, from Alison (McIntyre) Beck-Callahan. Welcome, Alison!

(February 2004) How wonderful to hear from classmate Cynthia Hecht .Cynthia's passion at BHS was horses, and she has spent her life with them - riding, training, writing, and painting horses. She now lives in Kentucky and on her way to and from work, drives by the famous Calumet Farm. Cynthia's autobiography now appears on her Senior Photo page.

(February 2004) Seen at the Quarterly Meeting of the Burlingame Historical Society were McKinley School grads Barb (Duncan) Hewitt and Clarice Melzer. The program at McKinley celebrated the school's 90th anniversary. Also in attendance were John Basye and Grey Whipple. Grey and Clarice played in the BHS band, Clarice on oboe and Grey on percussion. Grey recalls an interesting story about Clarice and him in the band. During their Junior year, all the band members were given a hearing test where a series of scales were created with one note being out of pitch. Clarice and Grey were the only persons to have a perfect score. Which led Prof. Brose to comment, "Just my luck, to have a drummer with perfect pitch." A photo of Barb and Clarice and John has been posted on Clarice's Senior Photo page.

(February 2004) A note from Carole (Meacher) Stokes: "A 50 year reunion! How fortunate we are to be able to enjoy this event. When we celebrated our 40th, Roy and I were living in Danville, then we moved on to Calistoga where we had planned to retire. Living there was a wonderful experience. We made great friendships, planted grapes and bottled wine. But after 5 years we took a trip up to the Twain Harte area where we had a weekend house when our family was growing up. We forgot how beautiful the area was and how much we missed it. We found a piece of property and built a house. This is where we will retire, its a great place for our 9 grandchildren. Roy and I still enjoy tennis, golf, skiing and love gardening. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2005." Note. Carole and Roy have provided a photo which appears on her Senior Photo page.

(March 2004) We have been in touch with classmate Dick Fields. He now lives in Livermore CA and we have his e-mail address.

(March 2004) Grey and Lillian Whipple have returned from a 20 day "down-under" visit to New Zealand, Australia, and Tasmania. In NZ they visited Auckland, Rotorua, Milford Sound, and Christchurch. In Australia it was Sydney, the capitol city of Canberra, the great barrier reef, and Melbourne. In Tasmania they were hosted for three days by a friend of Lillian who is also a weaver, formerly from California.

(April 2004) We now have new material on the Senior Photo pages for classmates Dave Freund, Joy Singer, and Julia Wood. Thanks to Mike Johnson for doing this task.

(April 2004) Thanks to Roger Goad, we have located Sue (Brothers) Campbell. And Dan Heller has been found because he registered on

(April 2004) The Spring/Summer '04 edition of the BHS Alumni Assn Panther Postscripts has been summarized on this website's Alumni Assn page.

(April 2004) The Class of 1955 now has 22 life memberships in the BHS Alumni Association. Congrats to all who have taken that big step! Visit the Alumni Assn page for information on how you can become a life member.

(April 2004) Friends of classmate Joy Singer (In Memoriam) can find two photos of Joy on her senior photo page. Thanks to Sandy (Singer) Waterman BHS'53 for the pictures.

(April 2004) Varsity Football: BHS v. San Mateo in the Little Big Game classic. November 11, 2004, at San Mateo. Kickoff at 11 AM.

(April 2004) In 1976, the 1951 Hillsborough District School alums held a 25th Reunion. One of the products of that reunion was a biographical sketch of all that attended, and Sandra Brandt Wild has provided a copy which has been appended to the Hillsborough School webpage.

(May 2004) Even old guys can have fun. Grey and Lillian Whipple have returned from a 3-1/2 week sojourn through the Pacific Northwest, visiting mostly Washington and British Columbia. Grey enjoyed a motorcycle ride (photo left) in Port Townsend with his cousin from Port Ludlow. Vroom, vroom! Hosting the overnight travelers coming and going were Mike and Kathleen Johnson of Salem OR.


(June 2004) Thanks to Jess Undlin for providing names for the Hillborough Elementary School 7th grade class photo. I guess that pretty much cleans up the Hillsborough project.

(June 2004) Thanks to Barbara (Duncan) Hewitt for providing photos of classmate Mary Adams (nee Mary Ann Ring). An enlarged image of the photo (left) is on Barb's senior photo page, and Mary's portrait is on her senior photo page. And thanks again to Mike Johnson for maintaining the senior photo pages.

Classmate Peter Ueberroth makes the news again.

Monday, June 14, 2004 (Associated Press)
DENVER -- Former baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth was appointed chairman of the U.S. Olympic Committee's board of directors Monday, two decades after leading the Los Angeles Games to a record profit. Ueberroth, 66, will lead the 11-person volunteer board in setting USOC policy and overseeing its finances more than a year after the organization was the focus of a congressional investigation. As chief organizer of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, Ueberroth helped the games turn a $225 million profit. He served as commissioner of Major League Baseball from 1984-89. Chairman Peter Ueberroth of Laguna Beach, Calif., independent, president of the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee for the 1984 Olympics, baseball commissioner from 1984-89; managing director of Contrarian Group Inc., owner and co-chairman of the Pebble Beach Co., and member of the board of directors of The Coca-Cola Co. and Hilton Hotels Corp.

(August 2004) Roosevelt School. Thanks to Mike Langston, we now have displayed 6th, 7th, and 8th grade photos.

(August 2004) In July Grey and Lillian Whipple visited classmate Carol Baccigaluppi Clarke at her home in Rock Island IL. Carol, and her husband, Frank, Brigadier General. U.S. Army (retired), have retired from military life and are enjoying retirement in a beautiful home. One of husband Frank's last commands was commandant of the Army's Rock Island Arsenal, just a short drive from their home. We were given a tour of the Arsenal and we 'oohed and aaahed 'over the 26 room commandant's residence that was Carol's home during that assignment. Three photos taken during the visit are posted on Carol's Senior Photo Page. The dog's name is Paddy Me Boy.


(August 2004) While visiting the Clarkes, Carol provided a recent family photo of classmate Sue Griswold Awana. With Sue's permission, her image was scanned and it is posted on her Senior Photo Page.

(August 2004) Health Issues: Some of us still remember fraternal twins Ed and Dick Hansen of the BHS Class of 1953. Classmate Arlene Borelli Hipsher is a member of the BHS Alumni Association Board of Directors. She reports Ed and Dick recently passed away. Last May Ed was posthumously named the Alumnus of the Year for 2004. Brother, Dick, died in late July. We continue to be concerned about our own Ted Treu who still is in and out of "sickbay" for heart problems.

(August 2004) Better late than never. Classmate Alma (Bunce) and Richard Alber have continued their world travels this year. In February they joined Alma's brother, Dick (BHS'59), and his wife on a trip to Viet Nam. Two photos taken on their trip are posted on Alma's Senior Photo page. Alma's father was a career naval officer, and her brother followed in his father's footsteps, graduating from the Naval Academy and retiring from a career in the U.S. Navy submarine service.


(August 2004) In June Grey and Lillian Whipple visited Alma (Bunce) and Richard Alber in Boulder CO. They spent a day hiking and picnicing in the mountains west of Boulder. A little coffee shop built with some old railroad cars in the quaint mountain town of Nederland was an opportunity for a latte and more visiting. An enlargement of this photo on the back step of a caboose is posted on Alma's Senior Photo page. After a week in Denver attending a handweavers convention, the Whipples returned to Boulder to attend a three day conference at the University of Colorado campus. Grey took a Sunday morning opportunity to join Alma and Richard at their church service. Grey also made a one-day visit to Rocky Mountain National Park.

(August 2004) Enroute to a family reunion in Twain Harte, Grey and Lillian Whipple visited Carole (Meacher) and Roy Stokes (BHS'56). They have been in their new home about a year. Custom built and designed by Carole and Roy, their home is a showplace with a magnificent view of the Stanislaus National Forest. This is their 5th residence since their marriage - earlier locations being Saratoga, Blackhawk, Danville, and Calistoga. Carole and Roy have four children, three girls and a boy. Two daughters are identical twins. One daughter owns the company that makes the cookie dough packages that are used for charitable and elementary school fund raisers. Their son tinkers with growing grapes and limited wine production in Plymouth CA. Roy enjoys taking his grandsons fishing on the Stanislaus River, about a 20 minute drive. It's a small world: Roy mentioned that he had just very recently played a round of tennis with classmate Ron Marlin at the Peninsula Tennis Club.The rest of the photo (left) will be posted on Carole's Senior Photo page.


(August 2004) Returning from a driving trip to Ohio in July, Grey and Lillian Whipple were traversing Missouri on I-70. Grey tried to contact classmate Aline (deBoton) Kultgen. Alas, Aline was in France, but on her return she provided the photo (left) which is posted on her Senior Photo page. Aline has also provided a "bio" of herself. It is interesting reading.



(August 2004) Classmates Mike Johnson and Grey Whipple (and spouses) were spending a few days vacationing together at Lake Tahoe. Classmate Gil Larish, who lives in Incline Village NV on the east side of The Lake, joined them for lunch and a few hours reminiscing about the Burlingame days. Mike and Gil attended Roosevelt School and lived in the same neighborhood. Grey and Gil played in the BHS Band. Click on the photo to view it full-size.


(August 2004) Our heartfelt sympathies go out to classmate Diana (Umland) Bos, whose husband of 40 years, Jim Bos, recently passed away. The family requests memorial gifts to Central Oregon Home Health and Hospice, 2698 NE Courtney Drive, Suite 101, Bend OR 97701, or Humane Society of Central Oregon, 61170 SE 27th Street, Bend OR 97702. Diana lives in Sunriver, a resort community south of Bend.

(September 2004) We extend our sympathies to classmate Dick Fields, and his wife, Linda, over the untimely death of their son, Michael, age 37. Michael is survived by his wife, Lisa, and their two young children, Colin and Nicolas. Michael had been a broker at Wachovia Securities in San Jose with his father for 12 years. Michael was born in Fremont in 1967. As a youth he enjoyed sports, and as a young adult he attended Santa Clara University and graduated with honors.Family and friends are invited to attend a memorial service on Friday, September 10 at 1 p.m. at Centerville Presbyterian Church in Fremont. The family requests that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to a college fund for Michael's children at Heritage Bank of Commerce, Fremont Branch, Attn: Nesly C. Moquette, FBO: Colin and Nicolas Fields, 3077 Stevenson Blvd., Fremont CA 94538.

(October 2004) Your reunion committee met Sunday October 3. It was sobering to realize that it will be almost exactly one year until the event. The meeting was hosted by Barb Hewitt and John Basye. Barb is a candidate to replace party maven Martha Stewart. A wonderful lunch was enjoyed by all. Also present were Ted and Patty Treu, Carole Clark Roberts, Eva Ledwith, Ron Winter, Irene Taylor, Nan Gruman Brown, Arlene Borelli, Lee and Peggy Melbourne, and Grey Whipple. Ted and Patty talked about a visit from classmate Bob Church who now lives in Colorado.

Prior to the meeting Grey visited the BHS campus to see the new construction and the remodelling of the original main building. The new facilities that replaced the old music building are gorgeous and already being used, but the old facility looked pretty sad. It is surrounded by a chainlink fence, the interior has been gutted, paint is peeling, and windows have been broken here and there. Time marches on. Grey also wandered over to the SP train depot for a photo opportunity. The first image is the school wing across from the baseball field, the middle image is the SP train depot, and the image on the right is the old Wirick's store across from the train station where many an impromptu gathering took place over the lunch hour.

After the meeting, the committee was invited to attend a Memorial Tea for Gail Delaney, hosted by Gail's daughter, Denise, in Palo Alto. Attending from our class were Dixie Eason McCarthy (and her daughter, Maren), Irene Taylor, Barb Hewitt and John Basye, Lee and Peggy Melbourne, and Grey Whipple. Grey and Lee lived two blocks from Gail's home, but Dixie lived with Gail during their junior and senior years. So Dixie was about as close to Gail as anyone during Gail's life, and she wrote a biographical sketch about Gail that was read at the Tea. It will soon be posted on Gail's senior photo page.

(The photo is of Irene Taylor and Dixie Eason McCarthy (and granddaughter) at the Memorial Tea.)



(October 2004) A beautiful Fall day in Sonoma County was a perfect setting for meeting at Shangri-La, the Manwaring homestead in the Santa Rosa foothills. Grey Whipple, in Russian River country to take a 76 year-old friend out for a birthday lunch, visited Jim Manwaring on his way home. The hour and a half visit centered around: Ted Carter who is moving from the Central Valley up to Spokane WA.; Gail Delaney, a neighbor of both Jim and Grey; the Olde Timers' recent gathering and golf tournament in Carmel; and random news of other classmates. An enlarged view of the photo (left) can be seen on Jim's senior photo page.




(October 2004) We have received a package from classmate John Hansen containing a biographical sketch of his life since our days at BHS, a current photo, and two photos of his family life. Undergrad life at Stanford, ROTC and active and reserve duty in the Army, Harvard Law School with Dexter Walcott as a classmate, return to San Francisco, and creating his own law firm. And a lot more. It makes for fascinating reading.



(October 2004) We are pleased to report that Peggy Ledwith has submitted her biography and it is posted on her Senior Photo page.

(October 2004) It was June 2003, that Linda (Berry) Gillispie and husband, George; and Mike and Kathleen Johnson; and Grey and Lillian Whipple met for dinner at the Pleasanton Hotel. The common thread among the three couples were that Linda and Mike and Grey all were active in the Burlingame Methodist Church Youth Fellowship. Ever since that dinner we have been after Linda to submit a photo and a bio, and finally after a recent nudge by Mike, Linda has submitted her Professional Resume. Linda and several of our classmates were at Willamette University in Salem OR: Jim Manwaring, Barb (Duncan) Hewitt, Bill Seawell, Dick Audley, Jim Gettins, and Pat Renshaw. For Linda this was the start of a distinguished career as a professional educator. Read her resume. You will be impressed.

(October 2004) A note received from classmate Diana (Umland) Bos included the following: "My life is turning around for the better and I am so busy having fun that I can hardly stand it. Between Quilters, Knitters, Model A Club, Church activities and the Women's Club, I hardly have time to breath. My kitties glare at me as I am coming and going. My beloved Jim is in a better place which puts me in a better place as well."

(October 2004) The Fall/Winter edition of the BHS Alumni Assn "Panther Postscripts" has been mailed. News of interest to the Class of 1955 is posted on this website Alumni Assn page. Kudos to three more of our classmates who have become Life Members. They are Deanne Kendall Beard, Nan-Susan Gruman Brown, and Dean Sanders. That makes 25 of us who have joined the ranks of Life Members. Visit the Alumni Assn page to see how you, too, can do it!


(November 2004) Classmate Nancy (Jensen) Heberling has submitted a biographical sketch and a couple of photos. They have been posted to her Senior Photo page.



(November 2004) A Sunday afternoon in Lafayette CA at the home of Joan (Balzarini) & Jay Bridges, a little bit of paradise perched on a hilltop, sunny and warming up after a morning of ground fog, Joan and Jay posed for Grey's camera. Following that, they paused for refreshments and conversation of our class. Two photos from that session are posted on Joan's Senior Photo page.


LITTLE BIG GAME-2004 San Mateo County Times
Monday, November 15, 2004 - BURLINGAME -- It was apparent from the opening boot just how much host Burlingame High wanted back the coveted Paw in (last) Saturday's 77th annual Little Big Game. From deep in his own territory, Rodney Hampton took the kickoff, astonishingly pulled himself through the opponents' line and brought the ball all the way to the San Mateo 20. While the opening cheers were still subsiding, a mere four plays and 90 seconds later the Panthers were up 7-0 en route to an eventual 40-21 defeat of the Bearcats. The victory upped the Panthers' all-time lead in the series to 42-31-4 and helped erased a bitter memory for Burlingame of last year's 49-28 San Mateo victory. The Panthers end their regular season at 8-2.

Thanks to Mike Johnson, the results of the Little-Big Game while we were there:
1951 Burlingame 6, San Mateo 0
1952 Burlingame 26, San Mateo 21
1953 San Mateo 14, Burlingame 0
1954 San Mateo 14, Burlingame 0
The four years before and after our tenure were all won by BHS.

December 4: Burlingame HS varsity football team defeats Seaside, 37-34, with a trick play in the last 46 seconds of the game to win the Central Coast Section Small School Division Championship.


(November 2004) We have received a photo of classmate Dick Audley and wife, Judith. It is posted on Dick's Senior Photo page.

(November 2004) Thanks to classmate Dee Williams Ropers for providing snapshots taken at our 40th Reunion. They have been a valuable resource for photos of classmates who had not heretofore submitted their current picture to us. While the pictures are nine years old, they provide something where we formerly had nothing. Kudos to Dee. The Classlist on the Senior Photos page is indexed to indicate where we have more pictures and info than just the Year Book photo.

(December 2004) Again! Kudos to Dee for submitting her bio and picture for her Senior Photo page.

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