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Our Class was the last K-8. Subsequent classes attended Burlingame Intermediate School.
McKinley School - Roosevelt School - Washington School
(Photos by Roger Goad)

The book Burlingame: City of Trees is an excellent history resource for the Burlingame schools, past and present.

McKinley School was dedicated in 1913. It was originally named Oak Grove School. The second school was Washington. It opened in 1915 and was originally named Howard Avenue School. Roosevelt School opened in 1919, Pershing in 1921, Coolidge in 1926, and Hoover in 1930. Later, Lincoln and Franklin Schools opened in 1950 and 1958. Burlingame Intermediate School opened in 1953.

Coolidge School closed in 1972. And later that decade, Pershing, Hoover, and Roosevelt were closed due to declining enrollment. Both Coolidge and Pershing were eventually demolished. But Hoover was sold for offices, and in 1997 Roosevelt, newly renovated, was reopened.

McKinley Elementary School
Roosevelt Elementary School
Washington Elementary School
Coolidge Elementary School
Hoover Elementary School
Pershing Elementary School

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