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The 'Burlingame B' in 1995 was owned and published bi-weekly by the students of the Burlingame High School and printed by the San Bruno Herald. It was a member of the International Quill and Scroll Society. It was traditional for the last edition of the school year to be edited by members of the Senior Class. Editors for the June 13,1955 edition were: Diana Montgomery (p.1), Elaine Bjorgan (p.2), Alma Bunce (p.3), Vondra Bush (p.4), and Dick Audley (p.5 & 6).

We are grateful to Reed Baird for providing a copy of the 'Burlingame B' June 13 edition. It has lots of information about Seniors and some food for thought. The front page has been scanned and is available for viewing. It is a very large file and those of us who are "bandwidth challenged" (e.g. still have dial-up modems) will have a bit of a wait while it downloads. Some 'inside' articles worthy of transcription are reproduced below.

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June seventeenth! Red letter day for Burlingame's students. To the Freshmen it means the end of an awakening hear-a year of gaining a firm foothold in an entirely new medium and earning the taunts of higher classes. To the Sophomores it means completion of half their high school journey and eligibility to rank as upper classmen. To the Juniors it means the last day of envying the position held by the Seniors as they accept the responsibility of leadership which will face them in the Fall.

But to us, the Seniors, it means Graduation from sheltered high school days to the Commencement or beginning of adult life. Having met and conquered the challenges which high school introduced, we will close that chapter of our lives and prepare to face college campuses, the armed services, or the business world. Our days at Burlingame will be but memories as we set higher goals and achieve them by applying what we have learned.

To those who have yet to take the big step - Good bye and Good Luck!
--Diana Montgomery

As of June 17 - we, the seniors of Burlingame High, do hereby will our past to the school that we have grown up in. And we have a few words of advice to the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. First of all, remember that action off campus reflects on the school. Whether you're on ski trips, beach trips, or going down to Carmel with the history classes, you are the amgbassador of good or bad will for Burlingame High.

Don't slack on the studies. There comes a day of reckoning that's pretty terrible - that period when you don't know whether you're going to be marching down that aisle or not. And it's too late to think about it a month before graduation. Start planning as a freshman, keep plugging; it makes for a happier future.

You get out of things what you put into them. If you're active in school affairs - even if it's only being an avid rooter in the football stands, you'll be more a part of your school.

As seniors it's easy for our words of wisdom - hind sight is more accurate than foresight. We're proud of our class! but as we look back on the past, we hope that other classes will benefit by our experience. We hope they will be proud of Burlingame, and we hope Burlingame can be proud of them.
--Carol Alexander


Some day, about five (or fifty) years from now, you may be shopping and all of a sudden out of nowhere someone will come running up to you and say, "Judy, how are you? Why it's been years since I've seen you." You'll no doubt stand there bewildered for a moment and then you'll recognize her as your old B.H.S. classmate. Probably you'll go to the nearest coffee shop and strart reminiscing about B.H.S. and its teachers.

Here's what some of this year's seniors think they'll be reminiscing about then: Many of them will remember teachers, like Bob Scheller: The time I heard Mr. Keeler telling Mr. Watson about his talking frog. Eugene Hellar: Vic's head polish. Sue Griswold: Mr. Rittenour's toothy grin. Mike Chase: Let's roll, Vic's favorite term for removing us from Carolan Avenue. Juanita Fay: Mr. Keeler's booklet people have to copy when they chew gum. Margaret Crowley: The day Mr. Stretch made his Napoleon hat in California History.

Some will remember things at school like: Denise Kirkham: the 'comfortable' seats in the auditorium. Nancy Nyeland: the run from the main building to the gym. Diana Montgomery: the hours I wasted in the gym (720 to be exact). And Bill Sherwood: the fermenting odor in the gym-boys locker room.

Many other experiences will be remembered, such as Dan Cullen: fruit fights. Sue Brothers: the unauthorized senior cut day. And Bill Key, the rain storm at the Capuchine football game in 1953. I imagine there will be many a good laugh in that coffee shop many years from now.


Bring on the aspirin...The "B" Sports Department is still recuperating from a series of headaches...trying to decide as to the Athlete of the Year and top athletes in individual sports....The automatic entrant into the Burlingame Hall of Fame as the 1955 Athlete of the Year is ROGER PETERSON. Rog gained the distinction through his efforts as the first string halfback on the Panther grid machine, as the League's (and certainly one of Northern California's) most outstanding quarter-miler while adding victories in the 220 and running anchorman on Blingum's 4-man relay team. His red spikes will long be remembered on the B.H.S. oval.

Varsity football honors go to John Matthews, Blingum's great All-P.A.L. wingman. John Basye again takes the varsity basketball laurels as an outstanding center. Guard Ted Carter easily walks away with the 30's basketball blue ribbon for his all-around team-play. The 10's basketball winner is Doug Johnson, center, whose abilities make him hands down choice.

Turning to spring sports, we find two boys vying and tying for track honors, Leon Krueger (discus) and Jesse Undlin (pole vault), state meet competitors. Charlie Meekins picks off varsity baseball honors for his workhorse showing on the mound.

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