Burlingame High School - Class of 1955
Classmates With No Known Address

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Bonita Diane Anson Gladding
Anne Apple
William F Arnold
Kenneth Edwin Bailey **  
Alan Barrett **
Kathy Bigelow
Beverly Mae Black Goldman
Albert George Cole
Janice Cortapassi Leonard
Dolores Deist Howell
Penny Dewar
Juanita Ellen Fay Maxwell
Lillian Kirk Hargear * Schmidt
Dolores Luisa Hill
Almalynn Hoffman
Byron Neal James **
Douglas P. Johnson
Robin Kanewski
Dorothy Frances Kennett
Connie Lengyel
Richard Louis Mann, Jr.
Barbara Mason Hone
Nancy McCallion ** Chase
Queenie Beth McCollum
Mary Ann McNeil Martinsen
Lois Mette Haynes
Marlene Minick *
Richard Minkin
Lawrence A. Randall **
Bernadette Reed
Nancy Lee Richardson Rohe
Robert Herbert Scheller
Ann Marie Turner Lindenberger
Wally Victory
Jay Thomas Walter
Ann Weber


  * Notes-see Senior Photo page
** Notes
The Social Security Administration originally compiled a Social Security Death Master File. This file now maintained on the Internet by RootWeb.com, Inc. who obtained it from the Social Security Death Master file. The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) contains over 75 million records. The SSDI reports birth date, death date, last residence, SSN and the state where the number was issued. We have run the names of all the men on the list above, and there were some interesting results. The entries below are not proof that they are persons from our graduating class. But they do fit the profile.

BAILEY, Kenneth E., b. 30Jun1937, d. 09May1995, SSN: 562-44-2631, Issue: CA (We lost track of Ken in 1995.)

BARRETT, Alan, b. 30Apr1936, d. Dec1982, SSN: 558-48-0914, Issue: CA (We have never been in contact with Alan.)

JAMES, Byron N., b. 28Aug1936, d. 04Jun2004, Cupertino CA, SSN: 568-48-7906, Issue: CA (We have never been in contact with Byron)

RANDALL, Lawrence b.13Apr1937, d. April1987, Portland OR, SSN: 519-44-5937, Issue: ID (We have never been in contact with Lawrence)

McCALLION Chase, Nancy - a class constituent. She left BHS in her Junior year and later married classmate Michael Chase.

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