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50th Reunion Pictures from Grey Whipple

All of Grey's image files on the Reunion DVD have been sized to print a high-resolution 4" x 6" photo.

In addition, each picture contains the names of the persons in it.

They are ready to take to your favorite photo center for printing.

Important: The images shown on this webpage are for previewing only.

You must use the image file on the DVD for printing.

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(Whipple_01.jpg) School Tour - Barbara Baumeister Super

(Whipple_03.jpg) School Tour - Jayne Wright Lasley, Diana Umland Bos

(Whipple_04.jpg) School Tour - Jim Manwaring

(Whipple_05.jpg) School Tour - Mike & Kathleen Johnson (w/red panther quilt in library)

(Whipple_06.jpg) School Tour - Kevin Monahan, Reed Baird

(Whipple_08.jpg) School Tour - Linda Larish(Gil), Jayne (Wright) & Tom Lasley, Judy Lyon Holland

(Whipple_09.jpg) School Tour - Ed & Evon Steele

(Whipple_11.jpg) School Tour - Jim Manwaring, Reed Baird, Jim Conner

(Whipple_13.jpg) School Tour - Hazel Mott Lindgren

(Whipple_18.jpg) School Tour - Diana Umland Bos, Grey Whipple

(Whipple_19.jpg) School Tour - Reed Baird, Diana Umland Bos

(Whipple_20.jpg) School Tour - Jayne Wright Lasley, Judy Lyon Holland

(Whipple_24.jpg) School Tour - Lois Mette Haynes

(Whipple_25.jpg) School Tour - Jim Conner, Jim Manwaring

(Whipple_26.jpg) School Tour - Elizabeth "Tissy" Valinga Ansbacher

(Whipple_ 29.jpg) Washington School Alumni Luncheon - Ron Marlin, Tom Michaelson(guest), Hazel Mott Lindgren, Mary Anne Ring Adams, Grey Whipple, Lillian Whipple(guest), Jayne Wright Lasley, Arlene Borelli Hipsher, John Basye, Jim Manwaring

(Whipple_34.jpg) Washington School Alumni (on school steps) - Jayne Wright Lasley, Grey Whipple, Haxel Mott Lindgren, Arlene Borelli Hipsher, John Basye, Jim Manwaring, Ron Marlin

(Whipple_36.jpg) Sunday Brunch - Reed Baird, Jim Manwaring

(Whipple_38.jpg) Sunday Brunch - Dee Williams Ropers

(Whipple_39.jpg) Sunday Brunch - Joyce McConkey Williams

(Whipple_40.jpg) Sunday Brunch - Bob Church

(Whipple_41.jpg) Sunday Brunch - Gene Hellar

(Whipple_42.jpg) Sunday Brunch - Ted Carter

(Whipple_43.jpg) Sunday Brunch - Jayne Wright Lasley

(Whipple_44.jpg) Sunday Brunch - John Basye, Mike & Kathleen Johnson

(Whipple_45.jpg) Sunday Brunch - Kevin Monahan, Ted Treu, Gene Hellar

(Whipple_46.jpg) Sunday Brunch - Walt Jessen, John Matthew

(Whipple_47.jpg) Sunday Brunch - Georgene Kammler Tallant

(Whipple_49.jpg) Sunday Brunch - Walt Jessen, Lee Melbourne

(Whipple_50.jpg) Sunday Brunch - Diana Umland Bos, Barbara Baumeister Super

(Whipple_51.jpg) Sunday Brunch - Gene Hellar, John Basye