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50th Reunion Photos from Nancy Jensen

All the pictures taken at our 50th Reunion festivities have been copied to a DVD and provided to all who attended.
On that DVD the pictures are grouped by the name of the photographer.

Nancy has not labeled any of the images so you might be wondering just at whom are you looking.

Listed below by image number (which you can't see watching the DVD show) are the names of people in the photo.
Some image numbers are missing. Image numbers with no names are 'unremarkable' photos.
It is not clear whether the images will appear in the same order as the list below.

Grey Whipple has gone through Nancy's photos and placed a preview copy of some of them on this web page. These preview copies have been severely edited - mostly cropping and raising the lighting level. If you try to print one of these files from the DVD, the print will not look anything like what you see here. Also, these preview images are not suitable for prints.

Click on Camera Icon to view preview

003 George Heberling, Karen (McKenzie) Smith, [Dorene & Roger Goad]

004 Roger Goad, Elizabeth 'Tissy' (Valinga) Ansbacher

005 Tom Michaelson & Hazel (Mott) Lindgren

006 Ted & Patti Treu, Dee (Williams) Ropers

007 Sandra (Brandt) Wild & Floyd Magnus

008 Tom Holland

009 Judy (Lyon) & Tom Holland

010 Jay Bridges, Irene Taylor, Dixie (Eason) McCarthy, Judy (Lyon) Holland, Joan (Balzarini) Bridges
011___?___, Bob Foote
012 Vivian (Wik) & Bill Nicolet

013 [Sharon Pfarrer], Dick Fields, Lynn Conner (Ms. Jim Conner)

014 Reed Baird, Maren (Browning) Gilliland, Carrol Baird
015 Joan 'Bunny' (Fieldhouse) & Pete Leon

016 [Hazel (Mott) Lindgren, Arlene (Borelli) Hipsher], Peggy Melbourne, Carol (Clark) Roberts

017 John Basye
018 Ron & Margi Winter, Lee Melbourne

019 (Table): Ed & Evon Steele, [Mary Anne (Ring) Adams; (Backgrd): Mike Johnson, Dan 'Tipp' Cullen(arm sling)]

020 Don Haynes, Liz Altieri (Ms. Peter Altieri)

021 Ray McCormick, Jim Manwaring
022 Julia (Wood) Burgess-Perrot, Lois (Mette) Haynes

023 [Bob Beard], Jeannie (Somerville) Newman, Deanne (Kendall) Beard

024 Roger Peterson, Jim Gettins

025 Elaine (Bjorgan) Duxbury

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