News Bytes for Year 2005

(January 2005) Accolades are in order for classmate Alma (Bunce) and Richard Alber. Last year they celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. And last Fall they were honored as the City of Boulder Volunteers of the Year. If you read their Christmas newsletters posted on Alma's Senior Photo page, you will see why that honor was well deserved.

(January 2005) Kudos, too, for Cathy (Marken) Dolton for submitting her bio and photo. Cathy married Ted Dolton (BHS'53) whom she knew as early as grammar school. Grey attended the Class of 1953's 50th reunion in 1953 (do the math) and, having forgotten her marriage to Ted, was pleasantly surprised to see Cathy.

(January 2005) After living in the Central Valley for so many years, classmate Ted Carter and wife Erlene are adjusting to new home and a new lifestyle in Spokane WA. When we spoke with Ted, Spokane was dealing with a lot of snow.

(January 2005) A note from Carolyn (Lanning) Vierra speaks of a very busy Year 2004. It includes three weeks in India with a Global Volunteer Program, playing keyboard in the orchestra pit for several plays at the Merced Playhouse, and musical director for a children's summer theater.

(January 2005) A note from classmate Rosalie (Herron) Franchini up in Sebastopol country. She and husband Nik (Roy Franchini BHS'54) have been battling heavy rainfall and wind since Christmas. They are headed for a month visit with their son at his ranch in rural Wyoming, a local town of 980 people at the 7000' elevation on the east side of the Continental Divide, an hour's drive from Jackson Hole, and a long drive to a movie theater, fast food, pizza parlor, department store, pharmacy, etc. On reading of Gail Delaney's passing last year, Rosalie recalls the happy days in Girl Scouts where Gail's mother was the troop leader.

(January 2005) We are in renewed contact with another class constituent, Ken Schiring. Ken attended Hoover School through the 8th grade, and then attended BHS with us during his freshman year. Ken lives up in theSeattle area and we expect he will join us for the party in October.

(January 2005) Attention all you Hoover School 8th grade alums: your classmate Bob Gamette has provided a picture taken at your graduation party and a copy of your Graduation Program. Both are posted on the Hoover School page.

(January 2005) The Washington School page now has 6th and 7th grade class photos posted.

(January 2005) Bob Gamette's bio and family photos have been posted to his Senior Photo page.

(February 2005) Good friends in high school, classmates Peter Roth and Grey Whipple last met in1958 in an 'over-the-garage' apartment near Stanford University. This month they met at Pete's home in Los Altos. Both professed "You look just like I remember you!" Peter's undergraduate studies at Stanford were in engineering with some coursework in physics. That followed with some graduate study. Peter worked for many years at Hewlett Packard when HP was a leader in 'bench test' equipment. Peter reports that he personally met both David Packard and Bill Hewlett during his tenure there. After 18 years at HP, Pete moved to Advanced Micro Devices, a firm now known for its computer processors chips. Now retired for several years, Pete, and wife, Jan, now revel in travel. And Pete has become a very accomplished photographer. In fact, collections of his better works are terribly impressive. More recently, Peter has become involved as a volunteer teacher's aide in science to a local 6th grade class. If you closed your eyes and carried on a conversation with Pete, you would swear you were back in Bob Fertig's math class or Charles Mink's physics class.

(February 2005) On a day when it finally wasn't raining, classmate Linda (Berry) Gillispie (of Denair, near Turlock) hosted a luncheon for Nancy (Nielsen) Howard, Mike Johnson, and Grey Whipple. Also included were Nancy's husband, Ed; Mike's Sister, Sally (Johnson) Barker, BHS'56; and Linda's husband, George. Lunch was served 'alfresco' in the patio and we all had a grand visit. So what did they all have in common. For starters, Nancy and Linda and Mike lived in the same neighborhood and attended Roosevelt. And the four of them were active in the United Methodist Church, although Nancy attended in San Mateo. One of the main topics of conversation was the writeup in the Modesto Bee about the retirement of Dr. Peter Brill, M.D. in the early 90s. We are working to get a copy of that article to post with Peter's Senior Photo page. Peter lives and had his practice in Dos Palos. The other topic was the number of our classmates that attended Willamette University in Salem OR: Linda Berry, Barbra Duncan, Pat Renshaw, Bill Seawell, Jim Manwaring, Dick Audley, and Jim Gettins. Photo left is Nancy. Visit her Senior Photo page for more pictures.

(February 2005) Thanks to Nancy (Nielsen) Howard we now have the missing photo of the second 8th grade class at Roosevelt School; AND, a photo of the charter members of the PaKiKi Tri-Y club. Also there are now current photos and bio of Nancy on her Senior Photo page. A big thank you to Nancy.

(February 2005) Attending our last Reunion Committee meeting in January at Ted and Pat Treu's home were the Ledwith twins, Elva and Peggy. A photo taken at that time is now posted on each Senior Photo page.

(March 2005) We discovered classmate Peter Dillaway on the New Mexico State University website where he is head of the Accounting and Business Computing Systems Department. His academic profile and a photo taken about 10 years ago will be found on Peter's Senior Photo page.


(April 2005) Classmate Gil Larish has forwarded his biographical sketch and some photos. They are all posted on his Senior Photo page. Thank you, Gil!

(April 2005) Your reunion committee met April 3, hosted by Barb (Duncan) Hewitt and John Basye, co-chairs. Present were Arelene (Borelli) Hipsher, Nan (Gruman) Brown, Irene Taylor, Carol (Clark) Roberts, Peggy and Lee Melbourne, Ted Treu, Ron Winter, and Grey Whipple. Signups for the Reunion are encouraging. Irene has moved into her new home in Auburn CA but lives during the week in San Jose until she retires from teaching in June.

(April 2005) Look for new current photos of Nan (Gruman) Brown, Arlene (Borelli) Hipsher, and Ron Winter on their Senior Photo pages.

(April 2005) For all you McKinley-ites, Barbara (Duncan) Hewitt has provided a copy of the McKinley Graduation Program and a photo of the McKinley 8th Grade Class Officers. Both are displayed on our website page for McKinley School.

(April 2005) Thanks to Nan (Gruman) Brown, we have some real treasures to share. We have all the class pictures from Hoover Elementary School; we have more AFO OFA Tri-Y and Chi Rho Hi-Y pictures on display; and we have graduation night pictures. Nan also provided materials from the BHS 50th birthday party celebration in 1973 which will be found later in many places. Way to go, Nan!

(April 2005) A new page of BHS History has been added to this website. In 1973 the school celebrated its 50th Anniversary. A committee of alumni and the 1973 Senior Class created a booklet of school history, largely gleaned from past issues of the Burlingame B, the school student newspaper. The booklet was organized by decades, the twenties through the seventies. We were able to contact one of the principal editors who graciously gave permission to reproduce the story on this website. Thanks again to Nan (Gruman) Brown's collection of memorabilia, we now have incredible background. Many of the traditions we inherited at BHS are explained in the story. It makes for very interesting reading.

(May 2005) New 'bios' for Carol (Clark) Roberts and Jim Conner have been added to their Senior Photo pages. Jayne (Wright) Lasley has sent along a photo of her and husband Tom (taken on their recent trip to Antarctica) and a photo of Jayne and Ann Murison at our 40th reunion.

(May 2005) We have been contacted by Edward 'Bud' Bigelow, Hillborough Elementary School Class of 1951. Ed did not attend BHS. If you wish to contact him, we have his current Email address.

(May 2005) We have posted some biographical tidbits for classmate Dr. Peter Brill, M.D.

(May 2005) Classmate Jess Undlin has submitted his biography. It is very well done and extremely interesting. You might say 'how could anyone retire in Vacaville?" Read Jess' bio to find out. Some photos of Jess and his family were posted earlier.

(May 2005) Here's a chuckle, thanks to our intrepid web explorer, Mike Johnson. OBITUARY: ROGER PETERSON. Fortunately, that's not OUR Roger Peterson. Rather, its the pilot of the plane that crashed carrying Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and 'The Big Bopper' to their death.February 3, 1959. Born in 1937. Yikes, he was our age too!

(May 2005) Classmate Peter Ueberroth, Chairman of the United States Olympic Committee, makes the news over the 2012 Summer Games. A new photo of Peter in posted on the Constituents page.

(May 2005) Classmates Elizabeth 'Tissy' (Valinga) Ansbacher, Jenny (Flack) Harriman, and Ted Carter now have their bios and photos posted on their respective Senior Photo pages.

(June 2005) Classmates Mike & Jain (Fairfax) Langston, and Carol (Crichton) Sharkey now have their bios and a current photos posted.

(July 2005) Another classmate has been found! Denise (Kirkham) Adkins. Living in Santa Cruz. Thank you,

(July 2005) July 20 the website files are sealed to produce the CD to be distributed at the Reunion.