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McKinley School

The following history of McKinley School is reprinted with permission of the Burlingame Historical Society. It first appeared on the Society's website to coincide with its quarterly meeting to be held at McKinley School, February 29, 2004, from 2-4 pm.

McKinley School - The "First Lady" of our Schools

It all began just after the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco when Burlingame's population skyrocketed from about 200 residents before the quake, to around 1000 in 1907. At that time, the children of Burlingame were schooled through the county at the Burlingame School on Peninsula Avenue and County Road (El Camino). Burlingame School was built in 1906 and later changed its name to Peninsula Avenue Schools. The residents of Burlingame, however, were not satisfied with a county school and wanted a school they could call their own.

In 1911 Burlingame residents voted on approving the school district and began plans to build a permanent school and well-known architect William H. Weeks was hired to design the school. During the construction a temporary 8-room schoolhouse was built in 1912 on Howard and Primrose called "the little red schoolhouse".

In September 1913 the first permanent Burlingame School was ready to open its doors to the children of Burlingame. It was located on the corner of Oak Grove and Grange (now Paloma Avenue) and called Burlingame Grammar School. The brick exterior and stunning detail was a fine example of Week's designs of the times. Columns adorned the front of the school, which became a trademark of Week's architecture.

McKinley has always been a vibrant school … in the early 20's there were cookbook sales, Fathers Clubs events, operettas and plays and, of course, many of these traditions are still carried out today.


45th Class Reunion - September 2000

Back Row: Barbara Duncan Hewitt, Maren Browning Gilliland, Georgene Kammler Tallant, Reed Baird, Ted Treu, Bob Foote

Middle: Walt Jessen, Elaine Bjorgan Duxbury

Front Row: Bob Czapkay, Barbara Baumeister Super, Marlene Givens Scally, Carol Clark Roberts, Ted Carter, Mrs. Dean Sanders (??)

40th Reunion - September 1995

Front: Joyce McConkey Williams, Marlene Givens Scally, Dixie Eason McCarthy, Elaine Bjorgan Duxbury, Maren Browning Gilliland, Jain Fairfax Langston, Carol Clark Roberts

Back: Bob Andersen, Ted Treu

40th Reunion - September 1995

Front: Elaine Bjorgan Duxbury, Joyce McConkey Williams, Jain Fairfax Langston, Marlene Givens Scally, Barbara Baumeister Super, Carol Clark Roberts, Ann Murison Newton

Back: Bob Andersen, Ted Treu, Dixie Eason McCarthy, Maren Browning Gilliland, Reed Baird, Barbara Duncan Hewitt, Robert Foote

McKinley School Eighth Grade Class Officers

Standing (l. to r.): Evon Nielsen('56), Ann Murison, Bill Rintala('56), Barbara Duncan, Ernie Cravalho('56), John Tegtmier('56), Dean Sanders, Diane Viglienzoni*, Diana Umland, Tom Naylor; Seated: Nora Scheuermann, Georgene Kammler, Maren Browning

* We received a note from Ed and Evon (Nielsen) Steele giving us Diane Viglienzoni-Morton's name.


McKinley School 8th Grade Graduation - 1951

8th Grade Graduation Ceremony

Singing "My Own America"

8th Grade Dance - "Spring Frolic"
at the Rec Center

Spring Frolic - April 1951


Row 1: Dean Sanders, Ed Steele, Dave Freund, Nora Scheuermann, Marlene Givens, Sharon McClure, Julia Wood, Ward Morgan, Diane Dougherty, Ted Carter
Row 2: Jean McDowell, Tom Naylor, Bob Czapkay, Bob Anderson, Walt Jessen, Diana Umland, Joan Quackenbush, Clarice Melzer, Carol Clark, Bill Morris, Mrs. McLaughlin
Row 3: Alma Lynn Hoffman, Doranne McDonald, Ann Murison, Tissy Valinga, Elaine Bjorgan, Barbara Baumeister, Barbara Duncan, Barbara Mason, David Stein, Bruce Shaake
Row 4: Ted Treu, Maren Browning, Mrs. Gates, Joyce McConkey, Bob Foote, Leon Krueger, Reed Baird, Ron Luff, Bob Clunie, Georgene Kammler, Doug Johnson

McKinley School -Combined 8th grade classes (Photo courtesy of Barbara Baumeister Super)


Row 1: Estrella Mae Arp, Jean McDowell, Marilyn Kelly, Peggy Lowe, Ed Steele, David Freund, Ted Carter
Row 2: ___?___, Tissy Valinga, ___?___, Nabuko Ikeda, Diana Umland, Ann Murison, Diane Dougherty, Bill Morris
Row 3: ___?___, Barbara Baumeister, Doug Johnson, David Stein, Ronald Luff, Barbara Duncan, Georgene Kammler, Johnny Olson, Phil Sheldon

McKinley School - Seventh Grade (Photo courtesy of Barbara Duncan Hewitt)


Row 1: Dean Sanders, Marlene Givens, Barbara Ferrero, Doranne McDonald, Jane Fairfax, Lynne Adams, Carol Clark, Rose Marie Rancelli
Row 2: Ward Morgan, Tom Naylor, Bob Czapkay, Elaine Bjorgan, Sharon McClure, Walter Kleinert, Ted Treu, Bob Andersen
Row 3: Almalynn Hoffman, Julia Wood, Maren Browning, Bob Clunie, Vincent Piana, Reed Baird, Bob Foote, Walter Jessen

McKinley School - Seventh Grade (Photo courtesy of Carol Clark Roberts)


1st Row: Bill Morris, Ted Carter, Ed Steele, Tissy Valinga, Clarice Melzer, Diane Dougherty
2nd Row: Mrs. Hite, Diana Umland, Marilyn Kelly, Estrella Mae Arp, Barbara Baumeister, Nabuko Ikeda
3rd Row: Bob__?___ , Ralph__?__ , Carol Samuelian, Ann Murdoch, Johnny Olson, Doug Johnson
4th Row: Astrid Anderson, Ron Luff, Georgene Kammler, Ann Murison, Barbara Duncan

McKinley School - Mrs. Hite's 6th grade (Photo courtesy of Barbara Baumeister Super)


Row 1: Dean Sanders, Ward Morgan, Bob Czapkay, Barbara Ferrero, Marlene Givens, Lynne Adams, ____?____
Row 2: Ruth Breckenridge, Bob Andersen, Bob Clunie, Walter Jessen, Tom Naylor, Ted Treu, Bill Davies, Rose Marie Rancelli
Row 3: Norman Sorby, Robert Foote, Kenneth Kleinert, Walter Kleinert, Julia Wood, Jain Fairfax, Carol Clark
Row 4: Maren Browning, Ina Ruth (?), Almalynn Hoffman, Elaine Bjorgan, Reed Baird, Bob McCutchen

McKinley School -Miss Breckenridge's 6th grade (Photo courtesy of Carol Clark Roberts)


1st Row: Ted Carter, Ed Steele, Elizabeth 'Tissy' Valinga, Lynne Adams, Rose Marie Rancelli, Diane Bennet, Marilyn Kelly, Clarice Melzer, Ward Morgan, Diane Dougherty
2nd Row: Nancy Durkee, Estrella May Arp , Barbara Ferrero, Carol Samuelian, Barbara Baumeister, Walter Kleinert, Doug Johnson, Kenneth Kleinert, Phil Sheldon, Bill Morris
3rd Row: Barbara Duncan, Diana Umland, Ann Murison, Astrid Anderson, Georgene Kammler, Alma Lynn Hoffman, Lymen Benit, Dave Stein, __?__ , Nabuko Ikeda

McKinley School - 5th Grade, Teacher (not pictured): Miss Smith (Photo courtesy of Barbara Baumeister Super)


1st Row: Ted Carter, Marilyn Kelly, Carol Samuelian, Barbara Baumeister, Ed Steele, __?__
2nd Row: Phil Smith, Kenneth Kleinert, Audrey McLoughlin(?), __?__, Elizabeth 'Tissy' Valinga, Diane Dougherty, Clarice Melzer, Mrs. Statler
3rd Row: Astrid Anderson, Barbara Duncan, Doug Johnson, Ron Luff, Mary Ann Murfee, Phil Sheldon, Diana Umland

McKinley School - 4th Grade (Photo courtesy of Barbara Baumeiser Super)


Front(on grass): ___?___ , Phil Smith
1st row: Ted Carter, Diane Dougherty, Ed Steel, Elizabeth 'Tissy' Valinga, Clarice Melzer, Carol Samuelian, Shirley___?___ , Marilyn Kelly, Joan___?___
2nd Row: Diana Umland, Kenneth Kleinert, Walter Kleinert, Doug Johnson, ___?___ , Barbara Duncan, Mary Ann Murfee, Barbara Baumeister

McKinley School - 3rd Grade, Teacher: ____?____ (Photo courtesy of Barbara Baumeister Super)

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