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This website had its beginning early in year 1999, just before our 45th Class Reunion At that time my hope was that our missing classmates would find us in time to join us for our 50th Reunion. The original website lasted through our 50th Class Reunion in 2005. But it had to be rebuilt in 2006 when I changed from "dial-up" to "broadband" internet service. The content was largely unchanged, but explaining the reasons for the "rebuild" is complicated.

Since its inception, I am grateful for the support provided by classmate Mike Johnson in maintaining this website. His most notable contribution was the HTML code for the Senior Pictures page. Mike is a retired professor of computer science at Oregon State University. This current version of the website resides on a commercial web hosting service and depends on financial support from my classmates. The annual server rental fee is due in May. Your $5 annual contribution will be much appreciated.

I welcome e-mail from any alum, teacher-emeritus, or present-day staff or student, who may have comments about this website. Also, news or information about our current or missing classmates would be welcome.Send your notes and comments to me, Grey Whipple . I am appreciative of the many kind words about this website. I used to brag that no other Burlingame High School classes had a website, but this is no longer true. The Classes of 1958 and 1965 have their own.



BHS Panther graphic (c.1953-54) by Don Lagerberg '54. Used with Don's encouragement .

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