A Tribute to Teachers

" Teachers not only teach history, algebra, and science,
but what we call the intangibles: all about life, love, leadership, and happiness -
you know, the things that really matter."
L. Swanzy --- Submitted by L.B., Age 14 --- Texas*

In one way or another, it is our teachers that have had a profound effect on our lives. We can still recall today their names and why they were so special. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what it was that was so important. I can recall an English teacher at BHS. At the time it seemed a misfortune to have the same one for my first four semesters. How I hated going to her class. But today I have the greatest respect for her for teaching the language skills that sustained me throughout my life. Thank you, Ruth Hettinger.

The worth of our teachers is manifest in becoming one. In the Burlingame High School Class of 1955 there were 202 seniors. Many of our classmates went on to very successful careers in business and science and technology. But significantly, about nine percent of them went on to become professional educators. We list their names here. The details can be found in the biographies found with their Senior Photos. When creating a list like this, there is always a risk that someone will be left off. If there are more names to be added, by all means, let us know.

Carol Alexander

Dave Freund

Carol Baccigaluppi

Bob Gamette

Linda Berry

John Hinners

Susan Broadwood

Nancy Hirschberg

Ted Carter

Mike Johnson

Margaret Crowley

Georgene Kammler

Aline deBoton

Jim Manwaring

Peter Dillaway

Lee Melbourne

Dixie Eason

Irene Taylor
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