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Roosevelt Elementary School

50th Reunion Photo - October 2005

(Photo from Bunny Fieldhouse reunion collection)

Back Row: Mike Langston, Peter Altieri, Jim Conner, Peter Dillaway, Mike Johnson, Dick Pfarrer

Middle Row: Dick Fields, Elva (Ledwith) Hoogner, Peggy Ledwith, Nancy (Nielsen) Howard, Dixie (Eason) McCarthy , Lois (Mette) Haynes

Front Row: Jo Ada (Peterson) Alexander, Vivian (Wik) Nicolet, Joan "Bunny" (Fieldhouse) Leon, Mary Ann (Murfee) Pfandler, Jenny (Flack) Harriman

(Class photos below courtesy of Gil Larish, Mike Langston, Joan Fieldhouse & Nancy Nielsen)

8th Grade Class Photo

Back Row: Richard Fields, Ronald Winters, Michael Langston, Lois Mette, Peter Altieri, Carol Alexander, Mary Ann Murfee, Barbara Donnely.

Middle Row: Mr. Glenn Otterson, Albert Cole, Jonathan Taylor, Charles Engstrom*, Jennifer Flack, Nancy Nyeland, Judith Lyon, Elva Ledwith, Kathleen Bigelow.

Front Row: Hal (Sandy) Reynolds**, Nancy McCallion, Judith Cunningham, Gretchen Gautsch, Roger Hoelter, Patricia Wilson, Sally Mullen, Carolyn Lanning.

*In Memoriam - Charles "Chuck" Engstrom ( ~1937 - 1963). We have it on good authority that Charles Engstrom died in a plane crash in the Red Bluff area in early 1963. It is not known if the crash was job-related. He was a member of the National Smokejumpers Association, working out of Missoula MT in 1955; Redding CA in 1957, '58, '61, and 1962; and Fairbanks AK in 1960. Charles was one of the initial smoke jumpers working out of the Redding center. Other sources say he initially attended BHS but his family moved to Placerville in his Freshman or Sophomore year. Further, his father was employed by the Forest Service.

**Hal Reynolds - Hal found this website during the summer of 2007. He attended BHS in his Frosh/Soph years. He then transferred to Carlmont H.S. in San Carlos where he was part of Carlmont's first graduating class. Hal has an older brother, George.

8th Grade Class Photo

Back Row: Joy Singer, Jim Harris, Peter Ueberroth, Dick Pfarrer, Stephen Biggs, Vivian Wik, Peter Brill, Roger Leontie, Phyllis Thus
Middle Row: Mrs Gothan, Peter Dillaway, Jim Conner, Janet Mathiesen, Dixie Eason, Nancy Nielsen, Betty Paterson, Allison McIntyre, Sue Griswold, Joan Fieldhouse.
Front Row: Mike Johnson, Roger Goad, Gil Larish, Linda Berry, Margaret Crowley, Peggy Ledwith, Bill Sherwood, Cathy Marken, Barbara George

7th Grade Class Photo

Back Row: Janet Koerner, John Grens, Richard Pfarrer, Joyce McConkey, Vivian Wik, Mrs. Spurr, Carol Alexander, Mary Ann Murfee, Carol Christenson, Barbara Donnelly, Nancy Ann Nielsen.

Middle Row: Roger Hoelter, Peter Brill, Dixie Eason, James Harris, Michael Langston, Betty Paterson, Janet Mathiesen, Susan Griswold, Albert Cole.

Front Row: Gretchen Gautsch, Peggy Ledwith, Gilbert Larish, Susan Brothers, Charles Engstrom, George (Sandy) Reynolds, Nancy McCallion, Barbara George.

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7th Grade Class Photo
Back Row: Jonathan Taylor, Linda Berry, Gaven Dunn, Peter Ueberroth, Stephen Biggs, Mrs. Violette, Joy Singer, Jo Ada Peterson, Nancy Nyeland, Alison McIntyre.

Middle Row: Ronald Winter, Roger Leontie, Jennifer Flack, Diane Baker, James Conner, Judith Lyon, Margaret Crowley, Richard Fields, Catherine Marken.

Front Row: Carolyn Lanning, Sally Mullen, Michael Johnson, Elva Ledwith, Joan Fieldhouse, Kathleen Bigelow, Steve Carlton, Roger Goad.

6th Grade Class Photo

Back Row: Michael Langston, Jennifer Flack, Deanna Kendall, Mary Ann Murfee, Joyce McConkey, Jo Ada Peterson, Carol Christenson, Roger Leontie, Susan Griswold.

Middle Row: Susan Brothers, Diane Baker, Janet Koerner, Douglas Atkinson, Richard Pfarrer, Ronald Winters, Jonathan Taylor, Ann Turner, Margaret Crowley, Robert Draper.

Front Row: Sharon Price, Nancy McCallion, Gretchen Gautsch, Elva Ledwith, Gilbert Larish, Albert Cole, Roger Hoelter, George Niblock, Sally Mullen, William Sherwood, Mrs. Arney.

6th Grade Class Photo
(courtesy Joan Fieldhouse)

Front row: Mike Johnson, Roger Goad, Charles Engstrom, Jim Conner, Peter Brill, Linda Berry, George Reynolds , Tommy Donovan, Barbara George, Mrs. Irma Johnson.

Middle row: Peggy Ledwith, Kathy Bigelow, Janet Mathiesen, Ernie Kirchner, Jim Harris, Barbara Donnelly, Joan 'Bunny' Fieldhouse, Nancy Nielsen, Cathy Marken, Carolyn Lanning.

Back row: Lynn Geer, Gaven Dunn, John Grens, Rich Keehn, Carol Alexander, Vivian Wik, Marjorie Eastman, Nancy Nyeland, Alison McIntyre.

There is a nice history of Roosevelt School with a photo of the front entry at the time the school first opened.

The website address is http://www.bsd.k12.ca.us/roosevelt/history.htm

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