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Pershing Elementary School

(Photo courtesy of Carol (Clark) Roberts)

The two photos below are courtesy of Bob Foote. They are duplicates of images on the McKinley School webpage created by Carol Clark Roberts, and are shown again here in larger magnification and less contrast. These images will overflow the screen if the screen resolution is not set to 1024 x 768.

Pershing School 4th/5th Grades - 1947-48

Row 1: Cordelia Sykes, Marlene Givens, Connie Plath, Lynne Adams, Benita Halversen, Bobby Czapkay
Row 2: Carol Clark, Jane Fairfax, Walter Jessen, David Brown, Elaine Bjorgan, Billy Rintala, Tommy Naylor
Row 3: Bobby Andersen, Robert Foote, Sylvia Peter, Maren Browning, Reed Baird, John Kimball, John Tegmeier
Teacher: Christine Clayton


Pershing School - 4th/5th Grades 1946/47

Row 1: Carol Clark, Lynne Adams, Bobby Czapkay, Marlene Givens, Connie Plath, Jane Fairfax, Connie Wilford, John Kimball
Row 2: Tommy Naylor, Walter Jessen, Gretta Adams, Cordelia Sykes, Martha Sykes, Maren Browning, Joan Tegmeier, Anne Fairfax, Billy Rintala, Ted Treu
Row 3: Robert Foote, John Tegmeier, Joseph S_____, Bobby Anderson, Reed Baird, Bobby Dodd, Francis Baron

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