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Hillsborough Elementary School

Bill Knorp writes:

"We were the last class (1951 where there was only one school, which I believe is now called South Hillsborough Elementary School. Most of the school was torn down because of earthquake standards. Consequently, the present school does not resemble the one our classmates attended. I started Hillsborough Grammar in the first grade - there were grades K-8. One class for each with approximately 20 students in each grade. When I was in 7th grade, there were two classes each for 7th and 8th grades. Approximately 42 graduated."

Classmate Jim Manwaring's dad, Len, was a custodian at Hillsborough Grammar School in 1951.

Where there was only one school in Hillsborough in 1951, there are now four in the Hillsborough City School District! There is Crocker Middle School for grades 6-7-8, and three elementary schools named North-, West-, and South Hillsborough Elementary School.

Were you in 8th grade at Hillsborough Grammar School?
Do you have class photos?
Do you have a story to tell about the school?
We'd love to
hear from you.


Class of 1951

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Photo and names courtesy of Jess Undlin

Row 5 (back): Janice Nekotani, Susan Daley, Christian De Guigne IV, Gordon Ashby, Sandra Brandt, Tessie Dorn, Carol Johnson, John Herbert, Edward (Bud) Bigelow.

Row 4: Jim Stewart, Michel Malter, Harry Boyle, Jane Bradford, Jess Undlin, Nora Bradley, Sudan Littlefield, Stephanya Harris

Row 3: Chuck Serlis, Jon Werolin, Doug Brown, Vickie Laughton, Gary Stevens, Roger Friedenthal, Helen Miller, Pete Knopf, John Bradley

Row 2: Margaret Mattock, Marilyn Madding, Ann Schweitzer, Betsy Bingham, Susan Solomon, Vondra Bush, Janet Nobusuye, Joanne Rutz

Row 1 (front): Jim Howe, Freddie Wurlitzer, Bill Knorp, Bill Seawell, Dan Heller, Paul Heieck


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(Photo & names courtesy of Vondra (Bush) Bancroft)

Class of 1951

Row 5 (back): (left to right) David Maas, Edward (Bud) Bigelow, Donna Woods, Christian De Guigne IV, Gordon Ashby, Sandra Brandt,
. . . . . . . . . . . .Carol Johnson, Jess Undlin, Owen Bob Emmett
Row 4: (left to right) John Herbert, Jon Werolin, Jim Howe, Vondra Bush, Susan Daley, Helen Miller, Marianne Ahern, Jane Bradford
Row 3: (left to right) Nora Bradley, Joanne Rutz, Peter Knopf, Stephanya Harris, Sherry Morse, Hank Haman, Doug Brown, Chuck Serlis, Harry Boyle
Row 2: (left to right) Margaret Mattock, Vickie Laughton, Michel Malter, Janice Nekotani, Marilyn Madding, Mary Ann McNeil, Janet Nobusuye,
. . . . . . . . . . . .Betsy Bingham, Danny Heller
Row 1: (front left to right) Jim Stewart, Roger Friedenthal, Paul Heieck, Bill Knorp, Gary Stevens, Bill Seawell

Missing from picture:
Bill Key, David Eichorn, Freddie Wurlitzer

Christian deGuigne IV, 2004

Christian de Guigne IV was one of the Hillsborough kids who did not attend Burlingame High School.

de Guigne Family History click on the link to read mostly about Christian's parents. This is a PDF file. Start reading at about page 28. Information extracted from this PDF file was used to reconstruct Christian's family tree which is shown at the bottom of this page.

(15 Mar 2009) Christian de Guigne IV has proposed to subdivide the 47 acres of his estate along Crystal Springs Road. Click On This Link for a satellite view of the property and for some interesting reading about the details and history of the area..

Click on Photo to view full size
(Photo courtesy of Vondra (Bush) Bancroft)

Hillsborough Elementary School Graduation
Class of 1951
Woodland Theatre
eleven o'clock a. m.
Saturday, June Sixteenth
Nineteen Hundred Fifty-one

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DECEMBER 3, 1976

These biographical sketches were assembled by Vickie Laughton. Vickie was nominally in charge, with help from Vondra Bush, Dan Heller, John Herbert, Leonard Glover, Janice Nekotani, Carol Johnson, David Eichorn, and Gabriel Hausladen. Classmates Jim Stewart and Donna Kahn were never found. And Susan Littlefield died about 1970.

When this compendium was originally published 28 years ago, street addresses were included, and there was no concern about wide-spread distribution on an Internet. It wasn't until seven years later that the first IBM PC found its way to the market. To preserve anonymity, the street addresses have been deleted.

GORDON ASHBY (Sp:Mary Beth) 3 children Ages: 16, 14, 9
Hillsborough CA
Graduated San Mateo High 1955 - Brigham Young University 1959 Graduated with BS in Business Administration & Industrial Mgmt. Married 1959 - Supply Corps. Officer USN - Presently employed as President of Ashby Metal Products, Inc.

Palo Alto CA
High school, college, Army, travel, marriage, work, divorce, more work ....... and PLAYI. Currently a free-lance industrial photographer and copywriter.

BETSY BINGHAM DAVIS (Sp:Bob) 3 children David 16, Gina 14, Donald 9
1220 King St.
La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601
Attended UC Berkeley for 211, years - Married Dick Volante - Lived in Burlingame 1962 to 1972 - Divorced - Married Bob Davis(BHS '53) Currently housewife and student at University of Wisconsin, studying art and Social Work.

HARRY J. BOYLE 2 children:Ages 16 & 9
Chico CA
Menlo School 1955 - 1956 Olympic team member 200 meter dash - Ca. State Water Skiing Champion - Graduated from University of Colorado 1959 - Currently in the Insurance business - enjoy all types of hunting - between wives at the moment - still am the "greatest" !

1334 Ballista Ave.
La Puente, CA 91744
Lived in Santa Barbara during 10 years of marriage. Divorced
and started working (ugh)! Currently working on government contract managing repossessed houses. Am excited about a move in the near future to live in Laguna Beach. I'm still singing. I do concerts, etc., down here, have a church job in Laguna as alto soloist. My love to "old" buddies Dave & Jon.

JOHN D. BRADLEY (Sp:Catherine) 4 children:Ages 15,13,10, & 8
Spokane WA
Proctor Academy 1955 - Northrop Institute of Tech. 1961 - Lived in San Mateo until 1964 - Been in Spokane since.

NORA BRADLEY WALCOTT (Sp:Samuel H. Wolcott III ) 1 child:Age 13
Locust Valley, NY
8 years of high school and college - 1 year of travelling and working - 15 years of living in San Francisco and now 2 years of New York. Currently housewife and Boutique owner.

SANDRA BRANDT WILD (Sp:Rick) 7 children:Ages 21 to 10
Escalon CA
Married 9 years - 3 children - divorced - Office Supervisor 7 years remarried 11 years to widower with 3 children and we have 1 child - 5 years as Welfare Worker - 4 years as farmer's wife working 200 acre farm, raising crops and Herefords. Currently Eligibility Worker for San Joaquin County Welfare Dept. and have just purchased a retirement horse in Modesto, Ca.

DOUG BROWN (Sp:Sarah) 3 children:Ages 13, 11, & 1
Mill Valley CA
Last 25 years have been golden thanks to superb early training at Hillsborough School. After 9 years of their behavior modification, I went on to Cate School, Stanford, and Stanford business School. 'Hells Fargo has moved me around; the state, including a tour in Los Angeles where I met my lovely bride. My only regret in life is that I never went to any of Vondra's smooching parties! Best to all.

VONDRA BUSH GLEICHMANN 2 Stepchildren:Ages 28 & 24
Menlo Park CA
Attended BHS then Cal at Berkeley. Worked at Joseph Magnin in San Francisco in the buying Dept. Moved to Hawaii, then to Ventura, Ca. Married Ted Gleichmonn in 1962. He owned and operated the Pierpoint Inn Hotel in Ventura. I managed the office there for 11 years and raised a stepdaughter. My husband died of a brain tumor and I have since moved to Menlo Park.

SUSAN DALEY HART (Sp:Bill) 3 children: Bill 17, Jon 12, & Jinnie 13
Orinda CA
Four years at BHS and 1 year at University of Colorado. Back to the bay area to attend UC Berkeley for three years, where I met Bill. We were married in our last year. We have been in Orinda for thirteen years busy raising our family.

San Francisco CA
Thacher School 2 years, Guanery School 2 year (Conn.). then USMC at Camp Pendleton, City College of San Francisco. Worked in New York at Labor Relations Eastern United States. Returned West after 2-1/2 years, sold agricultural chemicals in California, and now work for myself. Travel business, wine business, buy, collect, and sell old guns.

DAVID EICHORN (Sp:Sandy) 2 children:Ages 6 & 3
Kensington CA
After graduating from Menlo-Atherton, went to Cal/Berkeley for couple of years, spent a yeqr hitch-hiking in Europe and Africa. Came back and graduated in Political Science. Worked at UC Library for a year. Got married, did social work in a black ghetto, went to Venezuela for 2 years with ACCION en Venezuela, came back and went to graduate school to get a teaching credential. Got divorced. Got a job teaching with Berkeley Public Schools in a continuation high school. Remarried to Sandra Soderlund. Moved to Berkeley High School where I head program of law studies. I teach Juvenile and Criminal Law, have taught Constitutional Law, all to high school students. Went to Europe a couple of times with my wife before we had our two children, Becky aged 6 and Joshua, aged 3. Went to Law School for a year in 1973. Just started a bee business. I sell honey, beeswax, used honey equipment, beehives and bees. Also teach beekeeping classes and remove swarms and bees from buildings. Besides classes in beekeeping, I have also taught classes in mushroom hunting and gourmet cooking. My hobbies include making kitchen knives and eating at fine restaurants.

BOB EMMETT (Owen) (Sp:Janice) 3 children:Ages: 14, 12, &11
Pacific Grove CA
Currently Chef at the Holiday Inn in Carmel. Has been in the Restaurant Business about 12 years. Bob and Janice are in Hawaii at the moment, but send love to all.

ROGER FRIEDENTHAL 3 children:Ages 11 and 13(twins-boys)
Mill Valley CA
San Mateo High School to Stanford to Yale Medical School. Specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and am in private practice in San Francisco. Married in Medical School, now separated, hiy interests are variable and changing - flying, scuba, race driving and sailing at one time or another.

Burlingame CA
Retired teacher. Spent several years teaching eighth grade at the North School before returning to South School as Principal. After 8 years at South, I resigned to accept a position with the International Schools in Bangkok, Thailand. Spent 2 years as principal, 1 as superintendent and 1 as a curriculum coordinator, in the International Schools in seven countries of Southeast Asia. Three years were spent in Alaska where I was Director in instructional materials for the Anchorage Borough School District which encompassed some 60 schools--primary through a four year college.. Returned to California in 1970 and accepted a position as supervisor of student teachers at the College of Notre Dame in Belmont. After 5 years in that position I finally retired on May 22, 1975. At the present time I am very busy with volunteer work as President of the American Cancer Society, San Mateo County Unit; Secretary of the Kiwanis Club of San Mateo Downtown; Financial Secretary of the Retired Teachers Association of San Mateo County, and a weekly volunteer working with those wonderful old folks at the Carlmont Convalescent Hospital.

HENRY HAMAN (Hank) 3 children:Ages 18, 14, &12
San Jose CA
Graduated Aero. Eng. from San Jose State 1959. Crop dusting for
an engineering company from Sacramento, and now for a local company

Bedford TX
Notre Dame High School 1955. San Mateo College Licensed Vocational Nursing. In between went into fashion retail and Psych. and Bus. Ad. Married at 25 to Tom. No children. Prefer career of nursing (surgery) We moved to Texas 9 years ago and love it. Have acquired 3 Townhouses and 1 house. Love tennis, oriental decor, wild life unlimited and gardening. Have 1 German Shepherd named Kelly. Love the theater and going on small trips.

GABRIEL HAUSLADEN (Sp:Leslie) 5 children:Ages 33-25
San Mateo CA
1951-52 Teacher North Hillsborough School; 1952-53 Teaching principal South School; 1953-54 Principal South School; 1954-Present Principal West School.

PAUL HEIECK (Sp:Kathleen) 5 children Ages: 17,16,14,5,3 3600 Tripp Road
Woodside CA
Business executive

Burlingame CA
Attended BHS, CSM, Menlo College, Pasadena City College. Currently assisting parents in retail shoes and sporting goods stores. Property mgmt., investments, Real Estate. Living in the Burlingame area since graduation.

Covelo CA
Graduated University of Oregon 1959. Attended several more colleges for about 5 years. Have lived in 15 states and done many things including being a tennis pro at Pebble Beach. Am now living; on a ranch and doing whatever I want to do!

JIM HOWE   (Sp:Suzanne) 4 children(girls):Ages 16,14,12,8
Monroe MI
Attended BHS - 4 years USAF - 2 years Belmont Fire Dept. - Currently employed by a Power and Light Company.

CAROL JOHNSON STIPICEVICH (Sp:John) 4 children(boys):Ages l4, 13(twins), & 8
Fremont CA
Went to Mercy High School. Upon graduation I went to work for an Insurance Co., then for the Emporium. Married in 1958. We lived on the Peninsula until 1967 when we moved to Fremont. With a husband and four active boys, I am into a lot of things. Active in the schools, Was President of the Jr. High Parents Club for two years. Active in the Catholic Church and also assist my husband at the Elks when wives are needed. Have done some modeling for local shows. Enjoy sewing, needle work and doing crafts. The last 25 years have been good to me. Currently am Household Engineer.

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PETER KNOPF (Sp:Ann) 2 children:Ages Boy 10 & Girl 9
Palo Alto CA
BHS, then to Stanford. Four years in the Navy in Submarine Service provided opportunity to see world and find a sweethart (Ann). I still have a soft spot for Joanne though. Another year on the Farm enabled me to get a job at Lockheed. I'm still there helping to pay off its loans. Looking forward to future of travel and and children starting where I was 25 years ago.

BILL KNORP (Sp:Judy) 2 children:Ages 6 & 1
Auburn CA
BHS, graduated Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington. Worked for St. Paul Insurance Co. for 3 years, and in 1966 moved to Auburn Still enjoy tennis and skiing. Really feel fortunate to be living in Auburn.

VICKIE LAUGHTON CARDER (Sp:Jerry) 2 children: Geoff 18 &. Caroline 14
Millbrae CA
Notre Dame High, BHS, Palo Alto Secretarial School, CSM. Married 1956 - Divorced - Married 1962 - Divorced - Remarried same Jerry in June of 1974 after not seeing him for over 10 years. I managed Record and Stereo stores for 20 years and am now at last a lady of leisure. IN MEMORIAM (1937 - 2008) Read about her life on the Constituents page.

DAVID MAAS (Sp:Mary Lynn) 3 children:Ages 16,15, 13
San Mateo CA
Graduated San Mateo High 1955 - Stanford U. 1959 - B.S. Mechanical Engineering -Married 1959 - Attended San Francisco State 2 years Worked at Judson Steel Corp. full time since 1961 and at present am Vice President - Labor Relations.

MARILYN MADDING BUILA (Sp:Ted) 2 children: Michael 12, Anne 9
Cobden IL
BHS, Stephen College, University of California at Davis, BS Foods and Nutrition 1959 - Dietetic Internship at Scripps Metabolic Clinic, La Jolla, Co. 1959-60. Married Ted Buila 1959. Lived in Palm Desert 1960-64. Lived in Ithaca, New York 1964-68. Have been living in Cobden Ill., since 1963 as my husband teaches at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Ill. I have been working as a consultant Dietitian since 1972.

San Francisco CA
Graduated Sacred Heart 1955. Mills College 1959. Ski bum in Colorado until slight trouble with local authorities and had to move on back to California. Have taught school for 8 years and am currently working on my MA in Special Education. Will be teaching Deaf Children.

MARGARET MATTOCK DAVENPORT (Sp:Jim) 2 children: Lori 12, Don 3
Morgan Hill CA
BHS, CSM for two years. After leaving college, I worked in San Francisco for a year as a receptionist and then on the Peninsula for 5 years, doing secretarial work. Jim &. I were married in 1962 and I stopped working when we has our daughter Lori in 1964. Don came along in 1968. We lived in Santa Clara for 13 years and have lived here in Morgan Hill for 1-1/2 years. We live out in the country on 2-1/2 acres.

HELEN MILLER SPERBECK (Sp:Dick) 4 children:Ages 16, 15, 13, & 7
Sacramento CA
Spent 2 years at Notre Dame Belmont, then moved to Northern Calif., and graduated from Orland High School. Went to Chico State and and graduated with an Elementary Ed. Degree. Met my husband, who was doing graduate work at Chico State and got married in July of 1959. We have 4 children-Marshall, Stacey, Jeff, and Jennifer and so I've kept busy the past 16 years. I've finally started playing tennis again after many years.

SHERRY MORSE SOFOS (Sp:Peter) 2 children: Vicki 17 & Greg 21
Belmont CA
Graduated Notre Dame in Belmont 1955. Then to the University of Nevada 1 year. Attended College of Notre Dame in Belmont for two years. At this point decided it was time for me to enter the "business world", which I did as a legal secretary, a career I pursued for approximately 14 years. I married Peter in 1962, during which time we have lived in Belmont and have raised Vicki and Greg. Vicki is a senior in high school (Hillsdale) and Greg is a junior at Cal-Poly in San Luis Obispo. Four years ago, felt it was time for me to embark upon a new career in the "Big City" at Milton Meyer & Co. I am an Administrative Assistant. It is a challenging and most stimulating position.

San Mateo CA
Attended San Mateo High School, 2 years CSM, 2 years San Francisco State majoring in Education. Presently employed at Frederick Beck Originals (19 years) where I am a silkscreener. (July 2006) In Memoriam: Janice's nephew, Kenneth Teruo Nekotani, advised us of her passing in 1993

San Jose CA
Attended high school in Stan Jose and went on to graduate from San Jose State with a B.A. in Business. Have lived from the East Coast in New York City to Los Angeles, San Francisco and even the Hawaiian Islands during this time and back to San Jose when my father passed away. My work in the insurance field as a Claims Adjuster has given me an opportunity to travel and I really enjoy it. I hold some fond memories of my grammar school days at Hills. and I wish you much success on this reunion. Regards to all.

San Mateo CA
Continued teaching in Hillsborough Schools, taking a sabbatical leave for travel 1969-1970. Having had a taste of leisure and travel, I decided to retire in 1972. Am still enjoying the leisure and a certain amount of travel.

JOANNE RUTZ HAYNES (Sp:Bob) 2 children: Anne 16 & Patrick 12
Colorado Springs CO
You've got to be kidding! I've never said anything briefly--but I'll try. After BHS I went to the University of Colorado and have lived in Colo. ever since. I was married in 1957 but divorced 8 years later. I then worked as a secretary at the Boulder Chamber of Commerce for 32 years. Bob and I married in 1969 and moved to Colorado Springs. I'm shocked--I can be brief!

FRED SCHWARTZ (Sp:Mary) 1 child:Age 31
Belmont CA
Principal Crocker School. Description last 25 years: FAST!

WILLIAM T. SEAWELL, III (Bill) (Sp:Carol) 3 children:Ages 10, 8, & 3
495 Pinewood Drive
San Rafael CA
BHS 1955 - Willamette University 1959 Business Administration. 6 months Army Active Duty, Fort Ord, CA. - 12 years Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco - 5 years Bank of Marin, San Rafael-Ignacio

Santa Rosa CA
U.S. Coast Guard 4 years; University of Arizona, B.S.; University of Illinois, M.S.; I worked for Ford Motor Co. for 2 years; the California Beef Council for 5 years; and have operated my own business, Charles H. Serlis and Associates for a number of years. A partner and I also breed and raise thoroughbred horses on a small ranch in Santa Rosa. My current occupation is Film Producer.

GARY STEVENS (Sp:Anne) 2 children:Ages 16 & 12
Vail CO
After 4 years at BHS, I attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington and subsequently graduated form the University of Maryland European Division while serving a term with the Army in Heidelburg, Germany. I moved to Portland, Oregon after the Army and became a commercial loan officer with one of the states two major banks. The former Anne Bakkensen became my wife one day, and then (came) our son, Rick, and daughter Diane. We moved to Colorado Springs in 1972 when I was a Vice President with the largest bank there and was subsequently stolen by my largest customer. So here I am in Vail, Colorado - Ski Country USA - and vacation land of Presidents.

JESSE UNDLIN (Sp:Mary) 4 children: Boys 15 & 10, Girls 12 & 2
Vacaville CA
Attended University of Colorado for 3 years prior to entering the USAF in 1959. Was married in 1961 to the former Mary Coons of Denver and have been happy and busy ever since. I am a navigator and pilot and have flown many types of aircraft all over the world. Presently I am a Lt. Col. stationed at Travis AFB, CA in charge of Aircraft maintenance on the C-5A.

JON WEROLIN (Sp:Kathy) 1 child:Boy 14
Mill Valley CA
Graduated San Mateo High School 1955, Stanford 1959, Post grad. studies at Harvard. Joined T. Walter Thompson as Media Buyer in 1960. Joined Foote, Cone, & Belding in 1965, as Assoc. media Director. Joined Fawcett in 1969. Hobbies include tennis travel, and annually host largest private 4th of July celebration In the Bay Area. Currently Manager Fawcett Publications.

San Mateo CA
Have been retired for last 4 years, but do the Vision Screening for the Hillsborough School District. For the 6 years prior to my retirement, I was in Special Ed. Before this assignment, I taught first and second grades.

FRED WURLITZER (Sp:Lee) 3 children: Ricky 11, Twins Susan & Arnisha 8
Hillsborough CA
Stanford Undergrad, Univ. of Cincinnati Medical School, UCLA Post.Grad
Currently surgeon at San Mateo Medical Clinic

Redwood City CA
Retired Teacher Music -- Numerous Sierra Club Activities (National Board; trip leader; mountain climbing; foreign trip leader). Outdoor education.

Christian DeGuigne IV Family Tree (a 4th generation descendant of John Parrott)
Information from link above re: Tiburcio Parrott

(1)John Parrott (b.1811, m.1853,d.1884, wealthy Bay Area and San Mateo pioneer)
. . m. Abbey Meagher (d.1917)
. . (2)Mary Katherine Parrott (b.1856, m.1879)
. . . . m. Christian de Guigne (co-founder Stauffer Chemicals)
. . . . .(3)Christian de Guigne II (b.1889, d. 1827, built Hillsborough home)
. . . . . . m. Mary Louise Elkins
. . . . . . .(4) Christian de Guigne III (b.1912, m. 1935 d.1979, chairman of Stauffer Chemicals)
. . . . . . . . m. Eleanor Christenson
. . . . . . . . .(5) Christian de Guigne IV

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