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Coolidge Elementary School

The two photos shown below are property of the Burlingame Historical Society and are displayed with permission.

The commentary below was copied from the Memories Section of the Burlingame Historical Society's website.
It was submitted by "Barbara" on 15 June 2004.

"Since this is about memories I must put forth a few of mine about Calvin Coolidge Grammar School which was torn down in the late 70's or early 80's to make room for new homes.

"All that is really left will be the memories of those of us who were lucky enough to attend this wonderful little "neighborhood" school. There were no school buses or car pools. We were all able to walk to school. It was located at the corner of Laguna Avenue and Grove Avenue in north Burlingame. Everyone who attended lived in the neighborhood and the feeling of safety surrounded all of us.

"To enter the school you would ascend a staircase made of red brick. The one floor school was in a circle with the office and 4 or 5 classrooms surrounding. As I recall we were in high/low grade categories and shared many of the same classrooms. There was a ramp which descended to the playground and then one which descended to the basement which was used as an auditorium with a stage mounted in front.

"The following are the names of a few of the teachers who are unforgettable to this day: Grace Carleton, Ida Newport, Frances Evans, Mrs. Statler and Elsiann Irvin who both served as our principal at different times. Agnes O'Neil taught music and Mrs. Huckstabel taught art. I attended Coolidge from 1934 until 1940 when we were transferred to McKinley or Roosevelt for the 7th and 8th grades.

"Hopefully this message will trigger more memories of this little gem from the past."

The following Coolidge Class Photos (grades 1-5) are courtesy of Classmate Carol Alexander

Coolidge School Fifth Grade 1947-48

(No names provided)

Coolidge School Fourth Grade 1946-47

Back row: Brian Demsy (Dempsey?), Russell Haganaugh, George ___1___, Rodney Watson, Dick Pfarrer, Mr. McDonald, (oops! there is one more person)

Middle row: Jim Conner, Sandy Reynolds, Bob Gamette, Vivian Wik, Carol Worthy, Alison McIntyre, Lynn Geer, Raymond Lambrook, Jon Taylor

Front row: Roger Lieontie, Jo Ada Peterson (?), ___2___, Carol Alexander, Deanne Kendall, Nancy Nielsen, Kathleen Bigelow, Sharon Price, Ann Turner, Michael Johnson

Coolidge School Third Grade

Back row: Jo Ada Peterson, Vivian Wik, Carol Alexander, Kenneth Mow, Jim Hankle, Lynne Geer,

Third row: Ann Turner, Roger Lieontie, DickPfarrer, Jim Conner, Raymond Lambbrook, Jon Taylor

Second row: Deanne Kendall, Nancy Jacobson, Alison McIntyre, Rodney Watson, Brian Demsy, Billy Keragan, Charles Engstrom

Front row: Sharon Price, Bob Gamette, Nancy Nielsen, Peter ___1___, Michael Johnson, Russell Haganaugh, Richard Bushman, George ___2___

Coolidge School Second Grade 1944-45

Back row: Nancy Jacobson, Ann Turner, Jo Ada Peterson, Linda Vale, Roger Lieontie, Carol Alexander, Ronnie Menze, Lynne Geer

Third row: Dick Pfarrer, Jim Hankle, Vivian Wik, Charles Engstrom, Michael Johnson, Peter ___!___, Kenneth Mow

Second row: Alison McIntyre, Jon Taylor, Brian Demsy, Nancy Nielsen, Billy Keragan

Front row: Bonny Pares, George ___2___, Bob Gamette, Russell Haganaugh

Coolidge School First Grade 1943-44

(No names provided)

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