Nora Lee Scheuermann Payne

IN MEMORIAM (~1937 - 20 October 2008)

Nora is survived by her husband of 35 years, James (Jim) Payne

Nora's Yearbook Thumbnail Bio reads as follows:

"Poised and good-looking Nora was one of this year's Grid Queen candidates. Her four years were filled with many activities. She was Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class, Secretary and Vice-President of AFO-OFA Tri-Y, Past Honored Queen of Job's Daughters, and Secretary of her Freshman Class. She was a member of the Big 'n Little Sister Committee, AGS Assemblies Committee and Rally Commission. Nora plans to attend Dental Nurses Training School in San Francisco."

Ed. Notes: AFA-OFA (All for One, One for All); AGS (Associated Girl Students). There is an excellent 1953 AFO-OFA group photo on this website that includes Nora. Nora attended McKinley Elementary School and there are excellent class photos on this website that include Nora. Nothing is known of Nora's past since leaving high school.